Why I am worried about The Return Of Doctor Mysterio.

Why I am worried about The Return Of Doctor Mysterio.

December 14, 2016 0 By I.Hussain

The time has come, get the Egg whisks, Maple Syrup time!

The time has almost come, Doctor Who has return to the silver screen, for Christmas. But honestly, is it better for the show to just give the boot to Moffat as soon as possible? The circumstances are dire, Doctor Who is dropping in the ratings. What have you done to this iconic gem of British TV, Moffat?

The Return to ’86

This 18 month hiatus seems familiar. Let’s see, could it be the time Doctor Who is holding on for dear life, knowing its cancellation is inevitable? Possibly, as this was the case of the tempestuous last three years of the 80’s.

A little background information. In 1985, despite Colin Baker’s first run being largely successful, the series drew its fair bit of criticism, due the cynical, bombastic nature of Baker’s portrayal, and this was not the same as the complaints during Phillip Hinchcliffe’s era, as most of the criticism came from the BBC itself. Furthermore, Michael Grade actually loathed the show and decided that the tone be lightened a little. Basically, Doctor Who had a rather short 23rd Season, and was later cancelled.

Sound familiar? Doctor Who has just had a hiatus of almost 18 months, Moffat’s leaving soon and well, the show has reached a new low. I mean, seriously, leave the Superhero mumbo jumbo to the experts. As much as I don’t like Marvel, I’d rather them be making Superhero movies than Doctor Who emulating them, and failing miserably at that.

Viewership is falling, but it is stabilising, only at 4 million. Compare that to the Dalekmania-16 million, or even Moffat’s earlier seasons, where viewership barely dropped below 6 million. What I’m saying is that a cancellation looks more likely than ever, unless…


Not the movie, guys. Return to the shows roots, what made it so good. A show you could watch with your family, Saturday night, behind the sofas, enjoyable entertainment, not some poor rendition of the superhero genre. Doctor Who, you’re making it cliché. The superhero will become far too familiar, if you actually fail at the episode.

Let’s return to the beginning. Doctor Who was created to be an education show for children, and even though that is not the case now, it was still watchable 60s TV, not this melodramatic piece of goo you call TV. The reason the show was so good and popular was its uniqueness. Doctor Who, is barely indistinguishable to other Sci-Fi shows. Honestly, look at Arrow, it did a turnaround no one though was possible. Now look at Class-much better than Doctor Who. In fact, its weakest part was the Doctors role in the series. I mean, that is a masterpiece. It’s bloody amazing, I tell you!

Moffat, stop hiding behind the scenes and admit you’re running out of ideas, rather than just say that you wish to leave of your accord. We will all accept your apologies, you destroyed the show we loved by making it far too familiar and exhausting all its novel ideas by mixing classic tropes in with them. I mean, Superheroes in New York, with a dopey villain, with a European accent.

Wait… I’ve got it, Doctor Who is trying to spoof the genre, that is why it’s so bad. Kill The Moon made we want to cry, Series 9 made we want to bring back John Nathan Turner and the announcement of the Christmas special made me facepalm and yearn for the Sarah Jane Adventures to return.

Doctor Who used to be the show you boasted about. The one you felt was superior to all other sci-fi shows. The one you felt proud of. Who’s having the last laugh now? The Canadians.