War For The Planet Of The Apes [SPOILER ALERT]

War For The Planet Of The Apes [SPOILER ALERT]

August 3, 2017 0 By Bilal Akram

Caesar, the spearhead for the Planet Of The Apes franchise, is dead after a wound took its toll – to the death. His character, voiced and played by Andy Serkis, has encapsulated audiences since the franchises’ debut in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. This third film of the franchise is remarkably good and emotive in its story-line.

The special effects, most notably the CGI, were top drawer and gave a lifelike depth to the characters. The way in which such effects neatly blend into each other makes the apes in the movie, especially Caesar, look human. This is very effective in the portrayal of emotion projected to the audience in relation to the experiences the characters face within the movie.

After a swift and brutal attack by the humans upon an ape stronghold, Caesar’s family and a number of compatriots were slaughtered. In response, Caesar leads a one-ape mission to locate the Colonel who orchestrated the ambush but is stopped by a group of his own, led by Cornelia, who urge him to accept their help.

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On the way to the enemy base, Caesar and the gang stumble across a virus-stricken man who is shot dead and whose cabin in the woods contains an innocent, speech impaired, little girl. This innocent child is tended to by the loving Cornelia who comforts her and convinces Caesar and the gang to care for her. After taking her in, Caesar and the group encounter an odd, quirky ape called Bad Ape whose accent and language are a double act when expressed in the movie. Briefly after this encounter, Caesar leaves the group to quench his thirst for revenge.

‘Human get sick. Ape get smart. Then human kill ape. But not me. I run.’ (Bad APE)

The evil Colonel (Woody Harrelson) was brutal and cruel during the conflict between apes and humans but his character was consumed by the virus which seems to impair ones speech and lead to painful and excruciating death. His character was effective and exemplary for the hatred humans harbor for the genetically modified ape species.

‘All of human history has lead to this moment. The irony is we created you. And nature has been punishing us ever since. This is our last stand. And if we lose… it will be a Planet of Apes.’ (Colonel)

However, arriving at the enemy base, Caesar is captured and all hope seems lost as he is tortured and humiliated. When caged and separated from other apes a poignancy can be sensed until the group of apes abandoned by Caesar return and hatch a cunning plan to free their imprisoned brethren.

‘I did not start this war. I offered you peace. I showed you mercy. But now you’re here. To finish us off… for good.’ (Caesar)

As the base is infiltrated and the apes rebel, the humans begin fighting and are plundered by the apes. Oil tanks are lit and explode in spectacular fashion as the ranks of human opposition are swept away. Using subterranean tunnels, the group manage to smuggle the prisoners starting with the baby apes and are successful until an armada of human soldiers march patriotically across the sundered field of battle to ‘finish the job’.

To the unsuspecting audience, this armada of soldiers is caught within an avalanche engulfing every human in sight and giving the escaped apes a brief opportunity for escape as they leave the base. Such an ending is awe-inspiring as the sudden natural disaster can be seen almost as an emissary from God,delivering a message of finality to the neglectful human race within the Planet Of The Apes world. Unfortunately, the events of the battle led to Caesar dying of a battle wound in the arms of the caring Cornelia who survives along with the majority of the apes.

I rate this blockbuster 9/10