Titans season 1 & 2 thoughts.

Titans season 1 & 2 thoughts.

April 28, 2020 0 By Dr.Strange

So, Titans, I enjoyed it because of the content. I liked the characters. Some of the stories didn’t make sense. In season 2 it was stupid that Dick put himself in prison, and said he didn’t want to help anyone. Also, dick said he killed Jericho when this was completely not true, and he felt guilty about this when it was Jericho who saved dick, at the expense of his life. d this te

When Dick tells the team, about what really happened with Jericho, 5 years ago. They overreact, Hawk punches him in the face, and they all leave. This is so un realistic, this wouldn’t happen in real life. All of this happens and they each leave in quick succession.

I, of course, liked superboy because of Superman, and all of superboys powers. I liked it also as I would compare all the common things and different things in the show and how they are different from Smallville. Such as Cadmus labs and lionel. Lionel seems so weak and hopeless here. Completely different to him in Smallville.

Its interesting seeing Rachels powers and how far they will go with how powerful she is to be portrayed.

One strange thing is the blue tint put on the whole show, this doesn’t make sense, by taking away from the quality. The only reason I can think of this is to make the titans seem dark, but from my understanding, that is exactly what they’re not. They’re colourful and full of energy.