The Walking Dead Season 10 so far…

The Walking Dead Season 10 so far…

March 7, 2021 0 By Bilal Akram

It’s fair to say that season 10 of our beloved zombie-apocalypse drama was a long ride for characters and viewers alike and moving forwards into S10 part C we join Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carol (Melissa McBride), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and most significantly Maggie (Lauren Cohan), who has not seen the survivors for some time following her departure and the subsequent seven year time-jump in season 9.

Although the extended part of season 10 has just begun airing I would like to look back on prior episodes and judge the strength and overview the events that took place in this uncharacteristically lengthy season. I will also do a quick rundown of the current and former adversaries our ragtag dogged group of survivors have and will face.


The Whisperer War – A Short Overview

There were multiple storylines that came to fruition and full circle during the pre-COVID part of season 10. We saw the Whisperer War take centre stage as the cutthroat, psychopathic Alpha and her people were defeated after lengthy, tolling battle. Negan, who had sided with Alpha’s group after his awkward, tense stint with the others was imprisoned by his captors once again, but was set free by Carol, a shock reveal, in order to kill Alpha, a sort of lesser-of-two-evils, tactical move. Following this, Negan regained trust from Carol and helped the survivors defeat their foes who were now led by Beta. Beta’s possessed, aloof psyche drove the Whisperers’ hidden stash of walker herds towards the communities eventually leading to his gory demise at the hands of Daryl and Negan. This led to the termination of the hostile, savage Whisperers while the walkers were dealt with heroically by the rest of the gang.

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Other Storylines

We got to see Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and his desperation for companionship lead him to a new group survivors, supposedly the Commonwealth who play a major role in the comic books. Eugene’s journey to the meet his mysterious contact was accompanied by Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Yumiko (Elena Matsuura) and the characterful ‘Princess’ (Paola Lazaro). Their arrival at the rendezvous saw the Commonwealth troops surround them in the season 10 episode 16 cliff-hanger. I am intrigued by this storyline, as Eugene has been a pretty stagnant, absent character recently, but this puts him back in the limelight so I can’t wait for what’s in store. Michonne’s heartfelt farewell also took place this season in episode 13 as she ventured out yonder in search of the iconic figure that is Rick Grimes (she will likely reappear in the Rick Grimes movie trilogy).

My Favourite Character of the Season – NEGAN

The character of Negan was an instant favourite of mine in season 6-7, even though his introduction was so damaging to the group his aura and Morgan’s performance exuded charisma and repulsive likeability. His character this season from a junior Whisperer to senior Whisperer to Whisperer assassin was fun to watch, we learned more about his character and that he is willing to do anything for acceptance and power, yet his glint of goodness is a redeeming factor. He knows he has lost everything and there is nothing much to do but side with the Alexandrians and their affiliates in the end.

The Walking Dead' Season 10, Episode 6: When Negan Met Alpha

The Reapers (a reoccurring pattern)

The Whisperers were a threatening bunch of brainwashed individuals and filled that void the Saviours left and now we have The Reapers succeeding Alpha’s group as ‘the new threat’. While this is the essence of the show, that the greater evil is humanity desperate to survive rather than walkers desperate for mortal flesh, the same old pattern plays out. Nevertheless, the writers have handled the Whisperers in a decent fashion especially towards the end of their tenure and the new group of supposedly deadlier enemies will take their place. Different to other groups in the past, Maggie, one of the strongest characters in The Walking Dead universe, has already faced them and was driven out of her home by their terror. This heightens their threat which will mark the survivor’s and the show’s, I’m guessing, last seriously menacing adversary.

Summing Up

This season, the original 16 episodes, was overall a strong run. I am a loyal fan of the show and have stuck with it even during its lowest points in season 7 and 8. I’m glad that the showrunners have dug deep and pulled out some great plot-points as of late and now the series has picked up I have high hopes heading towards the final few episodes.

I would rate this season thus far 8/10

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