The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere – ‘Lines We Cross’

The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere – ‘Lines We Cross’

October 9, 2019 0 By Bilal Akram

The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Review

The post-apocalyptic zombie drama has returned for its tenth season – an immense feat. Usually with dramas similar to ‘The Walking Dead’, it is very unlikely for a show to have lasted for so long. The show has managed it and I congratulate the show runners for such a feat. It has also been confirmed that there will be an eleventh season!

Thoughts on there being a Tenth and Eleventh Season 

Fans of the show have been deterred from watching it due to numerous major character deaths and lacklustre storylines. Being frank, the show reached its peak during season 4 or 5, and the current show has not lived up to this standard.

Many believe that the show has been dragged out too long and I agree to some extent. In addition, critics have rated the last couple of seasons the lowest in the shows history. This season’s premiere,  ‘Lines We Cross’, had an initial IMDb rating of 8.3/10 – not great but not too bad. However, the critical responses and viewership are at an all-time low.

Besides these viewpoints, my passion for the general plot – surviving in a post-apocalyptic world – is one which will always intrigue me. As a loyal fan I’m still watching the show and I hope this new season is going to be good. 


The episode begins rather oddly. We see an outer space shot where an abandoned, obsolete Russian satellite has fallen and is gravitating towards Earth. The scene then cuts to a beach near Oceanside, where the survivors are practising battle formations against walkers. We see this as preparation for facing The Whisperers. Aaron leads the charge vocally and gives orders. It is an interesting scene as we see them train in a rigid more professional style unlike previous battles which predicated almost on ‘every man for themselves’.

Following scenes reintroduce the settlements with flourishing colours – there are more vivid plant varieties and industry. All seems well apart from the repercussions of last season’s events, which forced the survivors to stay in a bordered area marked by Alpha and crew.

Aaron leading the formation

There is a scene with Michonne and Aaron at the border on a bridge where walkers are before them. They kill the walkers and Aaron acts erratically and aggressively declaring that the group must disobey Alpha’s orders and confront their oppressors. Michonne reacts and calms him down.

Throughout the episode there are a number of meteor-like showers which are from the fallen satellite. These showers startle the survivors with one causing a moderate forest fire which the survivors deal with immediately. After this laborious task, Eugene spots the remains of the space capsule and searches it for valuable resources. He sees them as something to progress the technology of the safe house.

Michonne slaying walkers during the fire

The main issue for the survivors in the premiere was the discovery of a Whisperer’s mask that washed up on the shore at Oceanside. Judith and her friends had gathered a group of items from the beach and within it the mask was found. To add to this, mid-episode Daryl and Carol are alerted to a deserted camp. The remains of the dead and their bodies were found scattered there along with flaps of skin from skinned victims. There was also a facial skinned flap found, reminiscent and originating of and from the Whisperers. The most troubling thing about this discovery is that it was found in their territory, which was marked by Alpha. This sparked conversation warfare.

Negan outdoors

An interesting part of the episode shows a conversation between Michonne and Negan. Negan had been released from his cell to pick apples for the community, rather ironic given the act was something Carl had dreamt of before he died. Michonne unwillingly asked Negan for advice on how to proceed against Alpha. Negan replies by telling her to lie to the people to make them feel safe and if that works and keeps the people alive than what was the harm in telling the lie. This is introduces a moral quandary for Michonne but we eventually see her enforce this. 

A heartwarming sequence begins when Judith is with Rick Jr.. She tells him of the walker hoards that chased Rick to the bridge and how he used explosives found on the bridge to blow up half of the bridge in order to keep the walkers away from the people. She told him he had died an honourable death as a result, albeit the audience know his real whereabouts. The story was titled ‘The Brave Man’.

The episode ends with Carol revealing that her and Daryl were planning to leave the group together. This was surprising but Daryl, being loyal and selfless, told her that he couldn’t leave the group. We see them near a canyon-type area with a steep cliff. Carol looks over the edge and emerging from a forest is Alpha, who is on her own taking in the fresh air and views. She does so with rather awkward body language. Finally, dramatic music plays, she locks eyes with Carol and the episode ends.

I would rate this episode a solid 8.6/10