The Good Doctor E01/E02 Review

The Good Doctor E01/E02 Review

October 10, 2017 0 By I.Hussain

The Good Doctor: Emotional Feel Good TV.

Having recently finished binge-watching house, I came into this show with high hopes, knowing the common blood both shared. I knew it was going to be different, and it sort of made me the slight bit sceptical. To be honest, I was scared; how were they going to pull this off. Autism was a taboo topic and they may receive lots of backlash; was it too much of a risk? They could’ve just stuck to a conventional medical drama.

Well, after watching the first two episodes, boy am I glad they took that risk!

This show is unique, yes it is on often trod territory, but it does it in its own little way that makes the show special, in a good way. One feels sympathetic for Dr. Shawn Murphy. The backstory, his sad upbringing, rife with abuse. It was impossible not to empathise with him.

The show does of course, show its common blood, with a foreign born Doctor being part of the surgical team, and an arrogant team leader. I almost always felt annoyed and agitated with the stereotypical junk received by Dr. Murphy. He worked hard than all of you and he made sacrifices that I don’t think any of the team would be able to comprehend. And you repay him how? By putting him on scut duty? By putting him on some work, some simple toddler could comprehend and carry out? Not forgetting stealing his credit for some work that he did (mostly on Episode 2).

Of course, the show does have some shortfalls. All the diagnoses on the show are probably 7/10 on the zebra scale or above. The show does it with reason though. It’s to prove that anyone could be a Doctor, but all it takes is one arrogant superior to bring you down and almost kill someone for it.

The performances are nailed by everyone, particularly Freddie Highmore. In addition, despite my animosity against him, Dr. Melendez’ portrayal was very real and gritty; you could almost feel the hatred coming from his voice; it was very, very, very annoying, yet also insightful into the personalities of the Doctor.

 Verdict: Episode 1: Burnt Food : 9.5/10                                                                                                                                   Verdict: Episode 2: Mount Rushmore : 10/10