The Flash S06E01

The Flash S06E01

October 12, 2019 0 By Dr.Strange

The flash is back and the new episode is a good start to the season. Depending on what you’ve watched in your life you will have different expectations and will be impressed more easily or less easily, but for me, at this point in my life, I thought it was about time for flash again. Despite this, I think better shows are, Jessica Jones season 1, legion and the other Netflix ones are good as well. I think the best is Smallville. I get the most enjoyment out of watching this, at this point in time, and this is, of course, unique to me, based on my past experiences and emotions.

Again some “things that don’t make sense”,

How killer frost didn’t come out to protect Caitlin. they do this to make her more likable and more human but even when Caitlin was about to get sucked into a black hole, she still didn’t reveal herself.

and how cisco gave up his powers to have a ‘normal life’ even though hes still apart of team flash. He should have just used meta cuff dampeners.

I don’t like how they make the steaks bigger and bigger, trying to copy endgame. how they’ve made it so Oliver and Barry have been told by the monitor that they will die to stop the crisis. Now Oliver may die as its the end of the arrow but I don’t think this will happen on the CW,s flagship show, the flash. This crisis seems like it can’t be topped, just like Thanos in endgame and I don’t like this. They make the treat very big and daunting, but when it comes to it a team of humans is made to be a match for such an event. seams unbelievable.