Smallville Crossover !!!!

Smallville Crossover !!!!

September 24, 2019 0 By Dr.Strange

In the upcoming crossover, crisis on infinite earths, tom welling and erica durance are set to return to CW.

Smallville is a favourite of mine when I look back only 5 years ago when I watched it I loved the storylines and interesting characters. Unlike the shows today Smallville was not full of what I consider “petty” humor. The episodes give a feeling of nostalgia when I watch them now.

How I can explain this is is a sort of “bubble” where things are hopeful and happy. Unlike the CW shows now which are all about the action and “flashy” villains. The soundtrack of Smallville also was a big deal.

However as much as I like Smallville, we will have to see how they are portrayed here.

I hope the Smallville writing and style isn’t lost, but this is most likely the case. the characters may seem different and more like the CW heroes now.

its like in Dr how when John Simm was reprised as the master, I hope that travesty doesn’t happen here.

However maybe I am expecting too much, their screen time may be small anyway.