2019 Winter Reviews

2019 Winter Reviews

September 1, 2019 0 By Bilal Akram


This is a crime/psychological thriller movie based upon the DC super villain ‘The Joker’. The film is about Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix – who is tipped for an Oscar for his role) whose attempts to become a comedian are shunned. He is left in mental agony as his life slowly steeps into violent insanity. Through this change Fleck uses his comedic clown persona to take revenge on the corrupt society of Gotham. He manipulates the city into following him as he manages to get a slot in the show he was rejected from. This is his platform for mass chaos to ensue as he transforms into the infamous ‘Joker’.

Star Wars : The Rise Of Skywalker

Episode 9 of the iconic sci-fi epic is on the horizon and concludes the Star Wars episodic franchise. The movie continues the battle between The First Order and the Resistance, with Rey, Finn and Poe leading the final charge to determine the fate of the galaxy. There have been some teasers and trailers to excite us. At the end of one of the trailers, we hear the distinctive laugh of Senator Palpatine aka Dark Sidious. This may indicate a common theory stating that Sidious has controlled the events of the series from the very first episode. Following episode six, where we see him fall into the Death Star core, we are led to believe that he is definitively dead. However, his possible reintroduction may explain Snoke’s role and how he was a puppet for Sidious plans to sabotage the Resistance. In another snippet, we hear brief but unclear breathing reminiscent of Darth Vader. The scale of the film will gross greatly at the box office. I believe it may reach in excess of $2 billion. One thing for sure is that this movie will pull out all of the stops for fans and viewers alike. I cannot wait to view and review this film.