Post Line-Up Late July 2016-

Post Line-Up Late July 2016-

June 4, 2016 0 By I.Hussain

*UPDATE* Date was changed to late July as I haven’t managed to watch anything due to school.
So last year, TheCultFactor made one of these, but we failed to adhere to the timetable. So this year will be much better:


A few months ago, we restarted all our Doctor Who Reviews and as stated in last years post update, this was because:

1. There were some technical problems with the images in the posts.
2. There were some organizational problems as to what posts to do first.
3. We needed a full refresh.

And as said last year, all posts will be released at least once weekly at least, but we intend to do it daily as we need to finish Classic Doctor Who as quick as possible. Unlike last year, we won’t suspend the reviews as there is no Doctor Who at all this year, albeit, the Christmas Special, but there will be Class (more on that below) and they may become more frequent throughout the entire summer holidays. So the proposed Doctor Who post line-up for the week beginning the 11th July 2016 is (hopefully):



One hell of a category! Anyway, we will have character bio’s and weekly season reviews on all these shows.

Why season reviews? Well, if we are to be back on our feet, we have to finish all of this years TV as quickly as possible. Hopefully, in the near future, starting late September/October, we will review the show from the beginning one episode concurrently with the actual episode we are reviewing (episode 1 of season 5 of Arrow with episode one of season 1 of Arrow, for example). We will sporadically post reviews of the other episodes, but all this is not our top priority.


Well, the title is self explanatory isn’t it?


Inspired by Doctor Who TV, we have decided to create a Weird and Wonderful style post series, where every weekend we will showcase something that has caught out eye on the World Wide Web.

Saturday’s: Doctor Who
Sunday’s: Non Doctor Who

Full post line up, Week starting July 25th:

Monday CDW: Marco Polo Review CDW: The Keys of Marinus Review
Tuesday CDW: The Aztecs Review CDW: The Sensorites Review
Wednesday CDW: The Reign of Terror Review Suits Season 6 Episode 1 Review
Thursday CDW: Season 1 Review Arrow Season 4 Review
Friday CDW: Planet of Giants Review The Flash Season 2 Review Legemds of Tomorrow Season 1 Review
Saturday CDW: The Dalek Invasion of Earth Review Doctor Who Around the Galaxy Supergirl Season 1 Review
Sunday CDW: The Rescue Review Non Doctor Who Around the Galaxy Gotham Season 2 Review

Link to last years failed Post Line up:

August 2015 Line up-