‘The Hoodmaker’  –  Episode 1 of Electric Dreams

‘The Hoodmaker’ – Episode 1 of Electric Dreams

September 20, 2017 0 By Bilal Akram

Philip K. Dick, writer of Blade Runner, has begun an anthology of episodes collectively known as ‘Electric Dreams’. Such a name shows the dystopian world the writer and producers will begin to describe. 

As a writer of reviews, criticism is often criticised, but this ‘bold anthanlogy’ stands alone as one of the first to reinvent the dystopian sci-fi world in Blade Runner, breathing life into such a classic albeit 2049 looks good. 

Ed (Steve Buscemi), Honor (Holliday Grainger), Silas (Bryan Cranston), George (Terrence Howard) and Sarah (Anna Paquin).

From short stories to short snipets of such a society, there is little to say, apart from the fact that the cast is jammed packed with legends of drama, Richard Madden (HBO’s GOT) and Holliday Grainger (Showtime’s ‘The Borgias’) in the first episode.

The first episode, ‘Hoodmaker’,  is all about appearance and reality – or Normals and Teeps – and utilises the age old sci-fi question – when does society rely upon robots.

This is a dodgy theme but audiences are given the disjointed timeline of the show representing the disjointed characterisation of everyone in that universe.

As we begin the episode in an odd lake we realise the oddities even in nature as we stare at the clear water from the viewpoint of the main character whose been built to read minds. We later realise the extent of her power and the misuse of it by authorities in a run down police station, as if society had given up on themself.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Episode 106 “The Hoodmaker

The odd sci-fi horoscope is often mistaken for pure horror as the fear of science is a dodgy theme in modern society.

Every break on live TV was a decision for the crime busting heroine who literally reads people’s thoughts and whose partner engages in a physical relation with at the end of the episode.

As the episode concludes and life for the cop (Richard Madden) is in serious threat. Fire blazing, locked in a safe of his own making so to speak. However, the audience are reminded of the anarchists who plot by blocking such Teeps through the mask which does so.

Such anarchy is bent by science which blocks such messages the Teeps receive and leads to  malfunction in the heroines mechanics.

An odd end but a tragic one to the latest science fiction drama.

The show stemming on the idea Genetically Modified creatures called Normals and the robots who are know only as Teeps clearly says ‘where am I’ as a viewer of such a TV show but as an anthology there may be no limits to the shows future…