Mawdryn Undead Review

Mawdryn Undead Review

March 30, 2015 0 By I.Hussain

ttp has posted its first review in a few months(or weeks). Let’s dive right in!

So this story marks the return of a very special companion. Yes you guessed it-Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart. A very different appearance indeed-His first appearance in what I shall refer to-the Dark JNT Era which was then followed by the Pantomime Era of death. Anyway, the Brigadier in this story was much more different. Him being a school teacher and having retired from UNIT was a fantastic idea and not only allowed for a more broad approach to his iconic character but it was also an opportunity for Nicholas Courtney to try on the teachers shoes for a change. What this story handled well was the Brigadier’s personality. You couldn’t have possible thought that he was able to survive without U.N.I.T. But he did. He was still the Brigadier that we all know and love but a rather different one indeed.

MAWDRYN UNDEADAlso this episode marked the first appearance of Turlough-played by Mark Strickson. He was-at the beginning of the story and ordinary school student until we realise that he is not what he seems. He is contacted by the Black Guardian to kill the Doctor. Wishing to wake up from a minor car accident, he subconsciously agrees. He is continuously instructed by the Black Guardian with the same order-to kill the Doctor. He reluctantly agrees to the mission, despite having grown rather fond of the Doctor and at the end of the story, he joins him. 

There was also the appearance of Mawdryn(quite obvious) and the Black Guardian. Now Mawdryn-posing as the Doctor-is trying to harness the power of the Time-Lords to make him immortal. I have no Idea how he convinces Nyssa and Tegan that he is the Doctor-but he does. So I wouldn’t say he’s the best, but I’ve probably seen more convincing cast replacements. And then there was the return of the Black Guardian. I haven’t saw his other appearance, but I believe had a very good portrayal and I believe that he deserves to reappear again soon in who.









Overall Verdict: 6/10

When I first heard about this episode I thought it had potential. However I was wrong. Though it had many positives, it just didn’t feel very right for some reason. I don’t know why but it just does…

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