Legion Chapter 27

Legion Chapter 27

August 17, 2019 2 By Dr.Strange

I can’t believe it, the last ever episode of legion, such a good show, in my opinion, the best Marvel show on tv and will be for a long time.

To start off I like how David and Charles made weapons with their mind, Davids weapon is a morning star and Charles is a bullet. This symbolizes that David is out for blood, and wants Farouk to feel pain while Charles wants to stop him with the least amount of pain and most humanely.

David and Charles

It’s interesting how David narrates the lessons in time travel chapter 0. He says “Time travel does not give one the opportunity to change oneself, but rather to eradicate oneself and allow something else to form in the wake of what once was”. Clearly, this means he wants to erase Farouk and remove all the bad things he has done to get back to sid and do good.

The young Farouk and David battle in violence in Davids mind. All the legion personalities charge at Farouk but Farouk overpowers him and puts him in a straight jacket. When watching this I thought David would for sure beat Farouk. Then a song occurs Pink Floyd – Mother after this David rips off the suit.

David overpowered in the straight jacket.

I like how when Charles shoots David the shadow king pulls a colored handkerchief out of the presumed wound. They talk and agree to save David.

I like how the old Farouk shows the young Farouk the future by using glasses.

Interesting how switches father reveals himself as switch dies. This is sad but they carry on in the hallway of time, watching over time. Switch then stops the time demons and explains what will happen.

I understand this ending but I feel time travel is cheating and I don’t like how everything is erased, because the whole show effectively never happened. So David never got his happy ending with sid and it’s annoying that she said she never helped David for him, only for baby David. However as endings so this is goo because anything could happen in the new timeline.

Interestingly it seems like Amahl Farouk is all-powerful and all-knowing because the young Farouk knows what the old Farouk knows. So although he will not hurt David and torment him, he may well be a villain in the future, it seemed like he had the best ending.

However I liked this show despite the show only having the only main storyline being between David and the shadow king, I would like to see legion in other marvel projects, using his immense power.