Legion Chapter 26

Legion Chapter 26

August 8, 2019 0 By Dr.Strange

In this episode, we see more of Charles and Farouk. Charles arrives in Morroco and visits the shadow king.

I like how we get that all so old image of the shadow king; the “devil with the yellow eyes” version sitting in the theater next to Charles. We find out that at this point in time Charles is new to the astral plane and the shadow king knows so much about it and how to manipulate it.

Young Farouk

Meanwhile, switch is weaker than ever, it is unfortunate that David isn’t helping her and he dismisses her as he tells Charles who she is. Despite all she has done for him; because she believes she is on the good side, David is treating her terribly.

Sid and Cary and Kerry have travelled back in time to baby Davids house with Gabrielle in the time of episode 3. Sid decides to try and save baby David as he at this point is innocent and she believes with a love he will be good. This is what she learned in the last episode in her second life.

With the shadow king, Charles realises how much of a monster he is when he realises that the mind of the king is trapped in the monkey and the people are trapped in the children.

David meets Charles and tries to convince him to kill the shadow king. I like how Davids past was shown to Charles with the eating of some cake. A very interesting way to intake “knowledge”.

Charles eating the cake to gain knowledge.

At the end of the episode, the shadow king meets his future self who has broken out of the time between time presumably with help from the time eaters. David and Charles will go head to head with the two farouks, the next episode will be epic I can’t wait for the fight scene.