Legion Chapter 24

Legion Chapter 24

July 25, 2019 0 By Dr.Strange

This episode was one of my favorite episodes, it was amazing because there were lots of scenes where David showcased his powers and that’s what I really like about legion.

When David wiped Daniels long term memory. I instantly knew this would crush Clark. This was a cruel thing to do which doesn’t show Division 3 that David is getting any better.

Unfortunately, Lenny killed herself which demonstrates the pain she feels from what the time eaters made her experience.

I didn’t like David being helpless when he and sid switched places. However, the most epic moment was when Davids other personalities (Legion) noticed that David was missing and ambushed Sid’s mind. I knew from the moment sid got close to David that she would switch places with him and try to kill him or trap him. I like how the many legion personalities are revealed, this emphasizes Davids power, and that sid cannot defeat David alone. They say “I am Legion”.

I am Legion

Finally, The shadow king is out of Davids way now that he is trapped or so it seems in the place where the time eaters have no advantage, that we saw in the previous episode. Interesting how we see that the Shadow king talks like he cares for David. While on this topic of the shadow king I like how his speech from the last season is replayed as he calls for David early on in the episode.

The ending was good as we got some music like in last season. I like how they all sang (What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding. This fit in with the context as this was a response to switches question. He is doing what he is doing to make things right is what he believes.