Legion Chapter 23

Legion Chapter 23

July 18, 2019 0 By Dr.Strange

In this episode of legion, we saw the time demos or “time eaters” in action. Throughout this episode, time is disrupted and people experience extraordinary events. I like the way the time eaters are portrayed as blue and black cat-like animals which move in “stop motion”, sort of like the weeping angels from dr who.

Time eater

David gets transported whats looks like to be a prison cell in the concentration camps. He realizes this is fake and goes to a black place where the time eaters are, he appears to be trapped in an endless loop as he runs towards the time eaters. At the end of the episode, he destroys one of the time eaters in a spectacular fashion, visually it looks like he duplicates himself to maybe amplify his powers.

David dupicated

Male Cary gets snapped out of Davids control and escapes with switch from davids base, in a matrix like fashion. I hope switch doesn’t turn against David, but I think this might be the case. I don’t this will help Davids situation, this will make him angrier and feel betrayed.