Legion Chapter 22

Legion Chapter 22

July 10, 2019 0 By Dr.Strange

In this episode, David and switch travel back in time and we see his parents. We find out that they meet in a mental hospital, which mirrors how David and Sid met.

I like how when the shadow king enters Xavier’s house we see the same sort of image as last season. Also when Xavier telepathically finds the shadow king its interesting how the colour red is used to represents the shadow kings evil and his “devil with yellow eyes” face is also used which reminds me of him in season 1.

The Shadow King

As usual in other legion episodes, the sound effects in this episode convey the haunting of the shadow king on the house. Also, his evilness is conveyed with the abrupt and uncomfortable sounds.

The door that was outside the mansion I think was a pathway for the shadow king to enter the house. When Gabrielle opened the door this let the shadow king inside. The shadow king is represented as black smoke. This represents his evilness at the time.

At the end of the episode, we see that switch is tired and her mouth is bleeding, this is physical damage done to her as a result of time traveling that far into the past. Will there be any ramifications e.g. the time demons.