Iron Fist

Marvels Iron fist is a Netflix original that was released on 17 March 2017.

When presumed dead billionaire , Danny Rand, whos parents died in an accident  returns from a mystical place called Kunlun, only to find that the previous head of Rand enterprises, Harold Meachum has been dead for years, and died of cancer. The now heads of Rand enterprises Ward Meachum and Joy Meachum do not take a liking to Danny Rand and think he is a fraud and crazy. Soon after it is discovered that Harold Meachum is alive but is imprisoned to stay indoors, apart from society and ordered to do this by the hand. Danny Rand gets sent to a mental hospital and it is here that through the CCTV footage, Harold Meachum discovers of Danny's mantle of being "the sword enemy of the hand". This intrigues Harold, as Harold is imprisoned by the hand. Danny escapes the mental hospital through centering his chi and summoning the iron fist (his power), where his hand glows yellow, and becomes a strong force, strong enough to punch through metal and stop bullets. Soon after his escape Harold Meachum orders Ward Meachum (Harold's son, who has known of Harold's resurrection from the start) to accept Danny into the company and Danny is brought to Harold, to join forces and together stop the hand, only of course Harold is supporting Danny only for his own benefit.

Danny tackles the Hands drug trading that has been operating secretly under Rand enterprises for a period of time. Soon after in the season, Danny fights some members of the hand in order to defeat them, but he is confronted with the decision of saving an innocent woman's life and defeating the hand. He chooses to save the life of the innocent woman and the hand lives to fight another day. 

Ward  then kills Harold with multiple stabbings to the body, because he feels that he has not been treated in a suitable manner. He feels that Harold is always dwelling on Wards weaknesses and that Harold is controlling over his life. Ward then dumps his fathers body into a pond. However soon after Harold returns from the dead for the second time, only now with an increased desire to kill people.

Soon after the sensei (Bakuto) of Danny's trusted friend, Colleen Wing takes Danny to a place, described to be an institution for people who want to bring an end to the hand. However Danny soon discovers that this institution is infact the Hand. It is at this moment Danny escapes the institution, with the help of a surprise appearance of his friend from Kunlun, Davos(Steel Serpent). Colleen Wing who knew of the true nature of the institute originally tries to convince Danny to stay, however she then discovers the true motives of Bakuto and escapes.

Harold Meachum then turns on Danny and tries to kill him and Colleen. Soon after this Danny discovers Harold was involved in the killing of his parents. Danny then tries to kill Harold, and at this point Harold has returned to Rand enterprises as the hand is nowhere around to stop him. They fight on the roof of the Rand enterprises building and in the end, Ward Meachum saves Danny and kills his father for the second time. 

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