Gotham Season 4 Mid season finale views

January 5, 2018 0 By Dr.Strange

Gotham this season so far has been great as usual. The introduction of Sophia Falcone was ambiguous at first, I wasn’t sure if her intentions were good or bad. However this episode, has definitely answered some questions. Sophia has been planning her revenge on Captain Gordon for some time now, Pengiun is now in arkham locked away and she is free to take hold of the criminal underworld. Captain Gordon is now in a precarious postition where he must meet the needs of Sophia Falcone if he wants to remain Captain of the GCPD. The pig was also releaved to be working with Miss Falcone from the start, and was shot dead by Sophia in this episode. As for the Don, Carmine Falcone was murdered in a spree of shooters driving 

by, which was all orchestrated by Sophia Falcone, this increases my hatred of her. As for the end, it is revealed in the end, that Jerome Valeska is very much alive and in Arkham with the Penguin. Grundy now finally remembers who is is and his memories of Butch have returned so it will be interesting to see what he will do now. And the Riddler is at war with himself mentally, i hope he gains his intelligence back and cant wait to see what happens next. Also Bruce has really become a completely different person, partying like an animal and defying Alfred in response to him killing Ra’s al Ghul. Alfred is no longer Bruce’s legal guardian. the second half of season 4 looks to be promising.