Doctor Who Series 10X: The Return Of Doctor Mysterio Review.

Doctor Who Series 10X: The Return Of Doctor Mysterio Review.

December 29, 2016 0 By I.Hussain

The Doctor was in The Daily Planet. There’s your story, Lois Lane.

It’s here. The Long awaited Doctor Who Christmas Special. And in all fairness, I don’t think that it was worth the wait. It was subpar and only had approximately 5 minutes  of good screen time, mainly the last few scenes. You can clearly see that this episode was Steven Moffat’s love letter to comic book superheroes, mainly Superman. I that capacity, the episode worked well. But as a Doctor Who episode, the episode was only mildly entertaining, with meta references scattered everywhere (Harmony Shoal=The Daily Planet.)

…I know this review is 4 days late, but I needed time to go over my opinion of the episode. Nothing much has changed…

Everything about the episode was to be silly, as if it were an actual Superhero episode. Silly it is. All the references you can think of are in there. We can commend Moffat for that. Yet, despite all the intricacies and top efforts, the episode still feels… incomplete. It’s probably just a result of the almost 1985-1986, 18 month wait. Or maybe the belief that Christmas Specials are not as good as the Series prior. However, if a spin-off like Class can be as good as it’s parent. Why can’t this special be as good… Let me let you think about that illogical comparison between two shows that are distinctly different, despite their commonality…

Lets talk about the positives. Capaldi, Matt Lucas, Justin Chatwin, Charity Wakefield’s accent, unlimited rice pudding, etcetera, etcetera. Capaldi, of course shone in his role as the grumpy old man. A very minor point for me is that we don’t get some random exposition about the Doctor’s offscreen travel. This Doctor is just being a mad old, well man, in a Police Box, in Bulgaria New York. I do think however, that behind all this joyful behavior, that there is a man, who just feels lonely by himself; this adventure (or possible adventures, offscreen) with Nardole is purely a way to keep him out of his loneliness. He finds a child and probably knows the inevitable about him swallowing radioactive pills that give him powers, just so he can go to the future and help him.

A rather, quite funny part was Mr. Huffle, who I wouldn’t mind travelling with the Doctor. The lovable head, that is used purely as a means of torture and interrogation. Actually, let me just amend my TV proposal. THE PAST LIVES OF MR. HUFFLES. Now that is a show I would make.

Watching this episode, I realise one thing. Time constraint. Moffat has some truly wonderful ideas, but not all of them fit into one hour, leaving this episode as a filler episode. Despite there not being enough Christmas in the episode, that was not the main problem of the episode. This entire episode, if it was extending by 20-30 minutes, would be more satisfying as an episode, rather than just making us think that maybe we could wait a few more months, after all we did wait over a year.

This episode was OK. It had some highlights, some other parts, like the number of comparisons that can be named that essentially make this episode Spiderman+Superman, albeit with different names and a madman who doesn’t really supplement the main story as well. The episode could easily function alone-remove the Doctor, replace him with a sidekick to Nardole, who was the main highlight of the episode. He brought comic relief and stupidity at every corner. So my Verdict might sound a little harsh, but after having some though, I’d give this episode a: (This is not something I say very often, but IGN was finally almost accurate with their review.)