Doctor Who S10E12: “The Doctor Falls” Review

Doctor Who S10E12:
“The Doctor Falls” Review

July 3, 2017 0 By Bilal Akram

The Cult Factor welcomes its newest writer, who gives his verdict on Saturday night’s finale.

Series 10’s finale was reminiscent of Doctor Who episodes of old with John Simm’s The Master appearing for a science fiction, time-twisting adventure to remember.

As the Master is reintroduced through an odd character, his unique personality and knack for evil is immediately seen. As the story unfolds over the two episodes, the journey of the Doctor’s nemesis is interesting through the paradox of Missy and the Master resulting in death and disaster for them both.

As is customary to all good sci-fi shows, an overarching ‘Good VS Evil’ theme is generated through the characters of the Master and the Doctor. The final meeting between the Master, Missy and the Doctor spoke volumes of the ultimate boundary between good and evil and brought up an interesting dynamic to the relationship between surviving time-lords.

Beginning with the manipulation of space and time, the revival and ‘Genesis’ of the Cyberman provided a bilateral storyline intriguing to viewers.

The Mondasian Cyberman, embodied by Bill herself, created a poignant origin story to the Cyberman before the Doctor destroyed the approaching fleets of the alien and sacrificed himself. This event made audiences certain of a new Doctor replacing Peter Capaldi’s character, whose first season was not as enticing as previous debut seasons.

As the Doctor is shot in each heart by Bill’s Cyberman the remorse and guilt Bill feels seeps through the Cyberman’s assimilation of emotion and leaves Bill dispersed into cosmos as her soul departed. A poignant final tear dropped on the face of the Doctor and revived him, propelling the story into the unknown with the First Doctor originally portrayed by William Hartnell.

12th Doctor: Hello? Is someone there? - Who is that? - I'm the Doctor.
1st Doctor: The Doctor.
Oh, I don't think so.
No, dear me, no.
You may be a doctor, but I am the Doctor.
The original, you might say!

With the fate of Nardole enforced by the Doctor’s plan, the end of such a character is unfortunate and reminiscent of the Rose-Doctor separation with the addition of mutual consent between the characters.

The finale’s end contradicts the usual conclusion to a storyline beginning with the threat of regeneration. Seeing the glowing hands of the Doctor spoke for itself, but the new producers of the show have reinvented the classic Doctor Who style and have extended Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the enigmatic time-lord.

With the Doctor resisting the urge of regeneration, audiences were left on an intriguing cliff-hanger going into next season, with David Bradley’s first Doctor appearance serving as an incentive for the christmas special to come.