Classic Doctor Who Review #3: The Edge Of Destruction

Classic Doctor Who Review #3: The Edge Of Destruction

August 12, 2017 0 By I.Hussain

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With the first 2 stories of Doctor Who being extremely satisfying, could the same be said of The Edge Of Destruction? Well, it was a very different story indeed, being a bottle episode. It gave a very interesting and compelling insight into the savage nature of humans, where if we were left in a room together how we would react and attack one another.

Watching this episode resonates a very different feeling in you than other stories, it feels real. Not the sci-fi parts but the parts where you were able to see the paranoia felt by the members of the TARDIS crew, particularly Susan. Ian also felt rather strange and this allowed the story to show the disaster all man for himself could lead to; absolute chaos. 

The revelation that this was all in fact the TARDIS and its method of protecting crew changed the dynamic, as it caused the Doctor to accept his actions and actually apologies for them, showing a more soft side of the Doctor. This Doctor was in fact very harsh but also lovable and kind to those he trusts and respects-something also shown in Capaldi’s Doctor.

The Music wasn’t really advanced; this was ’64 Who, but it was still sinister, allowing it to adopt a rather suitable tone for the episode, meaning the TARDIS’ crew insanity and paranoia was more tangible. The direction was similarly just as sinister, and surprisingly, seeing how this was in the early to mid sixties, was just as better or more better than the direction presently. 

The writing wasn’t revolutionary. Rather, one was expected to feel the episode as if they were in it, with the dialogue only really focusing on the obvious rather the intricacies, allowing the viewers to figure them out themselves, mirroring Barbara’s unraveling of the little clues in the story. Of course, both the music and direction played a big role in this allowing an iconic, unforgettable story to emerge from its turmoil and threat of cancellation…

I wish Marco Polo would be easy to review, seeing AS THE BBC JUNKED IT! I’ll find a way to review it. Do not worry…

RATING: 10/10