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Introduction to Jessica Jones:

Jessica Jones is a Netflix original Marvel Superhero TV show. It was released in 2015. Currently there is only one season, however a second season will be coming soon, most likely next year. Jessica Jones season 1 is about a superhero, Jessica Jones played by Krysten Ritter who tries to overcome her past and face the villain, Killgrave also known as Purple Man, played by David Tennant. Jessica Jones is very strong and can jump to astounding heights. Killgrave has a bone chilling power which is that he can make people obey his every word, whatever he tells people to do, they will do. Killgrave is thought to be dead due to a bus accident, however Jessica discovers that he is infact very much alive. Following the return of Killgrave, at the start of the season, he makes an innocent athlete, Hope Shlottman, kill her own parents amongst other things, obviously against her will. This causes Jessica to stop running from Killgrave, as she has done in the past due to her being previously controlled by him, and face him to put a stop to his evil actions. Luke Cage, another powered individual features heavily in this show. It is later found out that Jessica killed Luke Cage’s wife , Reva Connors, as apart of killgraves orders. Near the end of the show it is discovered that Killgrave can no longer control Jessica, and in fact hasn’t been able to ever since she killed Reva Connors. Jessica’s powers were caused by or during a car accident in which her brother and parents were killed when she was presumably a teenager. However Killgrave’s powers were an unintentional side affect due to experiments that his own parents conducted on him, apparently as an attempt to save his life. It is apparent that Killgrave emits a virus through the air. At the end of the season, Jessica kills Killgrave, by twisting his neck.