Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 2 – ‘50% Off’

Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 2 – ‘50% Off’

March 1, 2020 0 By Bilal Akram

This episode we learn the origin of the name ‘Krazy 8’, Kim and Jimmy’s relationship is on thin ice, Jimmy gets comfortable in the shoes of Saul Goodman and Mike has family problems.

Gus sends a group of men to intrude on Nacho in the middle of the night, while he sleeps. They drag him into a van and take him to the outside of his father’s place of business. We see Viktor going in with a gun in his trousers. This stunt is to test Nacho’s loyalties and Gus soon flashes the car lights to signal Viktor leaves and not kill him. Following this, Gus sends Nacho with Lalo to survey the drug den from episode one.

In the cocaine den, the drugs are dispensed down a drain-pipe from the top of the building. When the drain becomes blocked with a bag, we see Domingo ‘Krazy 8’ Molina attempting to unblock it by going up there with a ladder. Driving past, the police spot him and question what he is doing. The bag stuck becomes unstuck and the police detain him.

On their mission from Gus, Lalo and Nacho are parked onlooking the den when they see the incident. Nacho recklessly leaves the car, aiming retrieve the stash before the police seize it. However, the way in which he does this is in spectacular fashion, he gets to the roof of an adjacent building and leaps from one to another until he gets to the den. It’s a Spider-Man-esque spectacle and Lalo watches, entertained and captivated, as he asserts that Nacho will most certainly die. Nacho ends up getting to the top of the building and breaks in. He looks for the stash as the police are closing in on him and is incapable of leaving the way he entered. The camera cuts back to Lalo in the car and miraculously Nacho appears from nowhere and jumps into the passenger seat, his actual escape off-camera.

An interesting scene unfolds as we see ‘Krazy 8’ playing poker with Lalo, Nacho and others. He ends up folding but has 8s. He leaves in embarrassment as Lalo says ‘Off-you go Ocho Loco’, which translates as crazy eight, and the nickname stuck. It is a random moment but satisfies the fans nonetheless.

Jimmy and Kim’s relationship seems rocky given the drastic shift in Jimmy’s lifestyle. Kim is not opening up to Jimmy, so he decides to intercept her leaving for work by pleading her to drive by an open-house. They enter the place, before opening hours, and are embraced by a beautiful, open spaced entrance into a large open floor. Kim looks delighted and her mood uplifted to an extent. They navigate around the house and end up in the bathroom, looking at a mesmerising shower with jets and so on. Jimmy stands in and Kim mischievously activates a jet. It is a light-hearted scene and makes Kim open up about her feelings and concerns about Jimmy.

When Jimmy arrives at the court-house he swiftly transitions into Saul Goodman and goes about his business diligently. We see a bit of ‘Slippin’ Jimmy’ in this scene in his elusive acknowledgements and dealings with people in the court-house for a large stunt. He manages to trap the DA Suzanne Ericson in an elevator so that he can unload a plethora of cases to her to be settled so he can garner more cases for more money. Through this, we see that he is growing more and more into Saul Goodman, which looks like a natural process.  

The episode ends with Mike who is called out of the blue by Stacey, his daughter-in-law, to look after Kaylee, his granddaughter. They meet and Mike is out in the garden with her making steps for the treehouse. It is a heart-warming scene until Kaylee keeps probing Mike about her fathers life. This is a touchy subject, given the tragic story explored in earlier seasons, and Mike retaliates in an emotional outburst. Kaylee is upset and goes to her room, crying. When Stacey arrives, Mike leaves and when asked about Kaylee eating, says, in passing that she did not eat and was in her bedroom crying.

To conclude, I really loved this episode and enjoyed the action, tensions and drama. One thing I must mention, is the darker turn the show seems to be taking as all of the character’s arcs are shaping up in different directions.

I rate this episode a solid 9.5/10.