Arrow Season 4 Review, and why was it all bad?

Arrow Season 4 Review, and why was it all bad?

July 18, 2016 0 By I.Hussain

After the success of season 1 and 2, season 3 was mediocre at the best, with the finale looking like the show could fix itself again. The beginning of Season 4 supported this. As the season went on, however we were fooled and the show dropped to new lows…

When “Green Arrow” first aired, I was certain that the show would continue in the fashion of “My Name Is Oliver Queen”. It was near perfect, light-hearted, Olicity could’ve been ignored and a rather compelling villain, which could possibly rival Ra’s Al Ghul or even Slade Wilson. So there was the fairly light-hearted Season Premiere, with some pretty good lines……
[pullquote]”I’m the man you’re looking for.
I’m the one who controls– what do you people call them? The Ghosts? So you’re all fretting about this city dying.
I’m here on behalf of an organization that wants you to let it die.”-Damien Darhk[/pullquote]

…But after that, the show returned to what had been most of Season 3’s haphazarded mess of a show that actually shouldn’t have been. You really wouldn’t be able to believe that this was the same show as it was in the past. Honestly, I actually feel sorry for Marc Guggenheim. He is at the helm of 4 Superhero Television Shows, with the original being dwarfed in quality by its 3 spin-offs. He has to work on each show, but thats not the main point. Season 3 had to set up The Flash and Season 4 had to set up Supergirl AND Legends of Tomorrow. That still doesn’t mean they just throw Arrow to the side and Let. It. Die.

But that is what they did. Arrow Season 4’s negatives were overwhelmingly higher than its positives, on to them later. The way that they handled Olicity was dumb and pointless. The breakup especially. The Loft is owned by Oliver Queen, so why was he the one who ran away and went into hiding when Felicity could’ve done that. Not to forget-the flashbacks. They. were dead. Nothing else to be said about them (except that Constantine one).

Now, let’s actually talk about the good part of Season 4…
The good parts of Season 4 were entirely to do with the acting. Stephen Amell as always, was a good Green Arrow, where his atrocious lines allowed him. David Ramsey, same reason. But Amell’s fellow Canadian co-star, Emily Bett Rickards, meh… The writers had too much Olicity, no I mean too much Felicity. This video I found online sums up everything:

I did say positives, so let’s talk positives. Other than the acting, there probably isn’t anything. At all. You, Arrow is not what it’s supposed to be. The Flash, Legends, Supergirl and Gotham are all doing well as they stick to the formula that best suits them. The Flash, speed. Legends, Time Travel. Supergirl, Supergirl and her powers and double life and Gotham, basically Smallville, but for Bruce Wayne. Arrow on the other hand is a mix of all of them. What I mean is that Arrow was never intended to involve magic or superheroes. They should’ve drawn the line at Deathstroke. Marc Guggenheim himself said that the show would look at “Oliver’s humanity”  as Smallville did, but not look at involving superheroes with superhuman powers, at least not initially. And that show has not reached that stage and hopefully never will. The disaster that was Season 4, must never be repeated again. A mistake made in Smallville’s sixth and seventh seasons. But they were bad for completely different reasons to Arrow and they were nowhere near as bad as Arrow Season 4. Smallville made a comeback. The future isn’t so fruity for Arrow. And I know this was more of a retrospective than a review, but at least it conveyed the message that I was trying to give. Arrow season 4 was just…

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