Arrow S06: 1st Half Overview

Arrow S06: 1st Half Overview

December 22, 2017 0 By I.Hussain

After the extravaganza that was Season 5; the best season, possibly ever, one had high hopes for Season 6; the show had ended on a high note. You wanted the gritty, back on streets action to return, just as it did for Season 5. You also wanted less Olicity and relationships, but also some more blood and darkness, which we got from Zoom, and Savitar on The Flash. ON THE WRONG SHOW! So, has Season 6 been good and is it worth watching?

Well, Arrow has certainly taken a step back with its action, with the villain not actually fighting as such, but recruiting a team of villains to do so, you know, brain vs brawn, *cough*DeVoe*cough*.  This has allowed for some interesting team dynamics, allowing the show to take a deep breath and rethink its future. Furthermore, the inclusion of Olicity was more welcomed, as it wasn’t shoved down a throat to fill in empty plot holes. The season so far, has had some very interesting episodes. So much so, that one didn’t really mind the Olicity. 

Talking about the future of the show, Curtis and Felicity decided to start their own company. Now, this, originally felt unnecessary, but as the show went on, it became a engaging B-plot; life outside the Arrow Bunker, which is where Arrow originally succeeded and what seems to be going quite well currently. 

The last thing that Arrow succeeded in earlier was its Villains. Deathstroke was formidable and was the best Arrow villain and arguably still is. Arrow’s new formula is different and works, but there was something really quite special about Deathstroke. So, fans must have been ecstatic for his return. While he is only really here for two episodes, those two episodes were actually a story arc of him and finding his son. This was a better side of Deathstroke; it showed Slade Wilson’s humanity, after all the Mirakuru, and back to the days when Slade was a better person, personality-wise. 

Arrow Season 6 has been great so far, and I hope that after reading this overview, that you would feel more compelled to watch it.