Welcome to our Logo page. Here you can look at our logos.


We first started with a very lavish, Superman Comic inspired logo…

TCF-August 2015

…but then realised we went over the top!

Then we tinkered with a very basic logo with 2 variants:

cropped-TCF-Aug-2015-Logo11.png cropped-cropped-TCF-Aug-2015-Logo11.png

…but then realised that it looked way too basic.

So then we tried a various glossy futuristic style logos with a few variants…

TCF Aug 2015 Logo 2 CroppedTCF Aug 2015 Logo 2cropped-cropped-TCF-Aug-2015-Logo-2.png

TCF Aug 2015 Logo 2 Cropped

…but we then realised that they too were too much-especially the lens-flare.

We then settled upon a very minimalist logo with 2 variants-inspired by doctorwhotv’s logo:

TCF Aug 2015 Logo 3 Style 2

TCF Aug 2015 Logo 3