Warriors Gate Review

Warriors Gate Review

December 31, 2014 0 By I.Hussain


A strange creature forces its way into the TARDIS, steering it to a white void occupied only by the ruins of an old building and a spaceship. This empty space is a gateway to the past and future. The creature responsible for taking them there is Biroc, a member of the enslaved race known as the Tharil. The gateway offers the only exit from E-Space, but the void is contracting. Are the Fourth Doctor and his friends fated to spend eternity in E-Space? What final shocking revelation awaits the Doctor?

And Now it’s time for the review. Warrior’s Gate had its good parts and its Bad parts. I liked part 4 but the rest was all over the place. But today I shall be talking about 2 points-The Effects and the Writing.

1. The WritingWarriors-Gate-Romana-Biroc-The Doctor

I’m probably going to say this time and time again for Season 18 at least. Doctor Who needed to have fixed its writing at this time. And I mean radical changes. Warrior’s Gate was an OK serial which was brought down by the writing. Who wrote this story??? Steve Gallagher. A novice in Doctor Who. Now that was a dangerous route considering the Doctor Who ratings were declining. I am doing these reviews jumbled up and may change my mind, but for now I’ll stick with this point. I would agree with this until Part 4. I actually quite liked it. It was comedic in a way. And it had drama. So in a way, Part 4 was the episode that ‘fixed’ the story.

 Verdict: 7/10(Part 4 Outweighed Parts 1-3)

2. The Effects(AGAIN!!!)Warriors-Gate-Ending

Unfortunately, I had to put the Effects on the negative again. This was worse than Kassia’s eyes. The green screens was just… awful. I mean like why go to such lengths when they could go to an actual location. Budgeting issues? Probably. But I just don’t get that even though John Nathan-Turner’s vision was to match doctor who with the ‘glossy American science-fiction series.’  I don’t think this worked for Tom Baker’s era. But I’ll probably give a few extra marks as it was the BBC’s fault in a way. That is how Doctor Who ended in 1989-The BBC spending money on shows like EastEnders.

Verdict: 5/10

Overall Verdict: 6/10


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