The Witcher thoughts

The witcher is a wicked show, sort of like Game of Thrones, in the aspect that it is “old”. I quite liked the soundtrack and the story was interesting. What was interesting was the time jumps, like in Westworld season 2.

I really enjoyed watching Henry Cavill, being the Man of Steel, he was originally the main reason I watched this. I felt sorry originally for Yennefer. And it was interesting seeing Lars Mikkelsen, whom I know from playing Charles Augustus Magnussen, in Sherlock.

I liked how magic is also one of Geralt’s powers, and I really liked the fight scenes, especially Geralt and Renfri’s fight. In future seasons, I cant wait to see what happened next with Yennefer. Also, Geralt’s and Ciri’s relationship will be interesting. A question I have is, what was Geralt’s last wish.

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