The Leisure Hive Review

The Leisure Hive Review

January 12, 2015 0 By I.Hussain


The Doctor and Romana arrive on Argolis in search of a peaceful holiday at the famed Leisure Hive. Instead they become embroiled in both a takeover scheme by the Argolins’ historic enemy the Foamasi and the machinations of Pangol, child of the Generator. 

So… A new body… The Leisure Hive was the first episode of many. The first episode of season 18. The first episode when John Nathan-Turner took the helm of producer.  On with the review.

1. A New Era

Tom Baker new outfitThe Leisure Hive was a beginning of a new era. The John Nathan-Turner era. What JNT era. the worst era in all of Doctor Who. Whatever you want to call it The Leisure Hive introduced new things. First of all. Tom Baker’s scarf was changed from multicolored to burgundy. There were question marks on his collar. Doctor Who had changed a lot. This was probably the most drastic change in the whole of (Classic) Doctor Who. Many complained about this. Tom Baker’s scarf had almost been ditched by John Nathan-Turner but June Hudson had found a compromise and Tom thanked her for it. Both Baker and Ward had criticised the new ‘funky’ theme music. Baker also criticised the new synthesised incidental music, comparing it unfavourably with Dudley Simpson’s earlier scores. Tom also wanted the scripts to regain some of the quality from the Phillip Hinchcliffe era. Tom Baker, Lalla Ward, Barry Letts and Christopher H. Bidmead all protested about John Nathan-Turner’s decision to add question-marks to Baker’s shirts, arguing that it was gimmicky. Bidmead, who found working with Tom Baker “difficult to say the very least”, supposedly told Baker and Nathan-Turner during recording of The Leisure Hive that exclamation marks would have been more appropriate for Baker’s shirts. The New Era introduced in The Leisure Hive gets:

Verdict: hmm… 6/10 4/10 5/10 3/10 2/10 Are Zeros Allowed???  An absolute flop. So 1/10

2. There Really isn’t anything else. The Leisure Hive flopped. Tom Baker should have left. At least I think he was thinking that in this photo:

Tom Baker old

Should I have left earlier???


Overall Verdict: Well… 0/10. No response…


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