The Keeper of Traken Review

The Keeper of Traken Review

December 30, 2014 0 By I.Hussain


This Serial was the penultimate story for Tom Baker. It was based around The Keeper of Traken summoning the Doctor and Adric to Traken as there is a great evil in the form of Melkur(The Master TARDIS.) The Keeper is near the end of his reign and he needs the Doctor and Adric to sop Melkur from taking control of the bio-electronic Source-the keystone of the Traken Union’s civilization.

And now for the review. I did not like the Keeper of Traken at all. Honestly, it was like I was forcing myself to watch it. I was thinking that since I stopped doing episode by episode reviews that this would not be quite as tedious but this story was an exception. Warriors Gate-my next review-was equally as bad. I now know one of the reasons why Tom Baker left. Bad writing. Anyway lets talk about the story and elaborate on the story and give a verdict for each and do an overall verdict for it:

1. The Writing

The Keeper of TrakeN-the Doctor and MelkurOh not again. Bad writing from Doctor Who. Wait a moment. Who wrote this story? It was Johnny Byrne. Brand New Doctor Who writer. A bad debut. In The Forest of The Night was a debut story. But did it do bad. Nope! But The Keeper of Traken did. What I usually for a review is watch it normally and then watch it again immediately, in a few hours or a day. But this story was disappointing. I needed to watch most of an episode after a week. And usually I remember the story/episode I watched. For example, I watched Remembrance of the Daleks around a few weeks after the horror channel put on Doctor Who episodes-yet I still remember it clearly. Same with Genesis of the Daleks-which I watched around this time last year. John Nathan had another failure. And this time it was a Whopper! Two Doctor Who references that were Incidental. Anyway, lets not get sidetracked. How did John Nathan Turner accept this script??? It’s sad that we’ll never know.

Verdict 2/10

2. The EffectsDissapointing. Even though it was 1981.

As you you can see on the right there is one of the worst utterly atrocious effects in the whole of Doctor Who history. It is… Kassia’s eyes. Come on… was that the best they could come up with. Despite the Fact that it was 1981 doesn’t mean that you could screw the effects yet again. First Warrior’s Gate which I understand why they made that bad but now something so simple. They were able to make the Intro. Why couldn’t they make some laser eyes? Quite intriguing. So far I  do not like Season 18. If it was me, Season 1-17 was a completely different era to the rest. Problem John Nathan Turner. Peter Howell-OK Intro. Burgundy scarf-NOPE! I’m gonna reiterate this exact paragraph when I watch The Leisure Hive. I just don’t get it. They could at least add a glow to the eyes.

Verdict 1/10

Now for the Pros  and Cons:

+I get the Plot. The Keeper needing help from the Doctor and Adric.
+Nyssa made a good companion.
+Anthony Ainley did a good portrayal as Tremas

-Fix your eyes Kassia!
-Actually make the script less bland. Tom Baker probably would’ve wanted to do this.

Overall Verdict 3/10-I’m just sorry, there were no good points on which I could elaborate on. You’ll probably see the similar style in the Warrior’s Gate Review.

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