‘Impossible Planet’ Episode 2 of Electric Dreams

‘Impossible Planet’ Episode 2 of Electric Dreams

October 8, 2017 0 By Bilal Akram

A rather poignant love story hinged upon forbidden lovers in the second instalment of Electric Dreams.

With Jay Reynor playing the protagonist Brian Norton, the lesser known of the massive cast of Electric Dreams, the second instalment of the anthology was superbly entertaining and thrilling like the first episode ‘The Hoodmaker’.

Andrews and his employee, Brian Norton, work as a low-income space touring duo. When a deaf, old woman, Irma Louise, accompanied by her robot, RB29, request to view Earth, the duo are enticed to take them by a large sum of money.

RB29 is seen as the companion of Irma who wishes to visit Earth in order to bathe in a lake in North Carolina as her grandparents once did.

With Norton pressured by his financial situation and relationship with Barbara, he and Andrews, a rather money-hungry, greedy character, are forced to accept the deal.

Leaving their planet, the duo are hospitable enough and welcoming to their guests, until RB29  discovers that Andrews is taking them to a rogue planet. After this discovery, Irma and Brian share a tender moment as the latter prepares for her departure and requests Brian to do her dress up. After this, Irma shows Brian a picture of her great grandparents who lived in North Carolina. The figure and features of the grandad were the same as Brian and Irma Egan to suggest their long lost love. 

At this point it is clear that tension is rising between the characters of RB29 and Andrews and Brian and Louise. The episode takes a turn for the sinister as the the latter pair accompany each other in the surface of the rogue Planet against the wishes of Andrews but to the approval of RB29, Irma’s protecting companion. With communication lost as the pair venture into unknown territory oxygen levels deplete rapidly and the star-crossed lovers are reunited in the afterlife as they die. The two remaining characters are seen in furious disagreeement but the show skips to show Irma and Brian bathe in each other’s loving arms as she had dreamed for  for centuries. 



The character of Ed Andrews (Benedict Wong) was particularly amusing due to his nonchalant attitude to life and idiosyncratic characterisation. Wong adds a comedic aspect to the character and created a sense of purpose to his role as chauffeur for his latest clientele. From roles in Netflix’s Marco Polo to Marvel’s Doctor Strange Wong was perfectly suited to his character.

I would rate this episode a solid…