The Flash S6 E2&3

The Flash S6 E2&3

October 28, 2019 0 By Dr.Strange

I liked these episodes, the flash recently has been good, its because of this big lead up to crisis on infinite earths.

We get a shot of Barry running, which i believe is something he does in the comics; sacrifices himself to the speed force to save everyone.

Still they explore “frosty’s” personality which i suppose is the way this goes, with making the flash more comedic than arrow.

Its interesting, how antimatter is the cause of the destruction of the multiverse, and how the flash sacrificing himself, a mere mortal, will stop this cosmic huge phenomena. I guess it will have to do with him being a speedster, but surely there is a way of replicating this.

Maybe Barry could make a time remnant of himself to sacrifice, this would solve the problem. Ultimately i believe Oliver will take Barry’s place and be the iron man of this universe.

There’s also this villain of sorts.

There is also another wells on this earth looking for something, which i have no doubt will tie in to the events of crisis.