Round 1: The Ultimate Comic (DC) Superhero TV Show: Arrow vs The Flash

In a world of TV where one of the most demanding genre is Superheroes, we analyse each of the main series and pit them against each other to find out what is 'The Ultimate Superhero TV Show', Beginning with Arrow and The Flash.


One of the main differences of these 2 TV series is the tone. Despite them being in the same universe of TV shows, Arrow is much more darker than The Flash. There is much more death and its just overall Darker. Arrow has more references to you know, "You have failed this city!"  Although Arrow had a very dark tone in season 3, with Ra's Al Ghul, it was exactly that which brought it down and basically made it the worst season yet. However, with season 4 of Arrow having arrived just a few weeks ago, it really shows that a show of it's kind of capacity for darkness can really help improve the show, rather than you know, make it roadkill and an absolute omnishamble.  The Flash on the other hand, is much more lighter. I know this wouldn't really be fair to Arrow, but The Flash is basically a mix of 'Smallville-esque, lightness'  and Arrow's darkness. The Flash is appealing in this way. It has enough when it comes to action and it doesn't just pull the show back completely and drag it along for a few season, just to make the show longer. Now, I'm not saying that that would not work, but you have to know how to do it properly. Smallville did it right, Arrow, not so much.   I don't really know what show to favour. They're both pretty good. This is hard. I think that in all fairness, they are both pretty perfect in their fields when it comes to their tone/action.  WINNER: ARROW 9.5/10 I originally thought that this would be a difficult choice. Yes, it is one, but having just watched Arrow and The Flash, I believe that for the most part, due to Arrow's darker feel and tone, it has that much grittier and more lifelike feel. The Flash wasn't too far behind with 8.5/10.


Of course one of the main things you should look for in a TV is how it is made. It has to be directed and written well. Both shows have very talented production crew. They both have Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Geoff Johns and Arrow has Marc Guggenheim. The Directors in both the shows are great as well. They are American TV shows, so they both have bigger budgets compared to their British counterparts. Arrow relies mostly on practical effects, whereas The Flash relies on CGI for their effects as they need to create streaks for the Crimson Comet Scarlet Speedster :):):)  Arrow as I said before is more life-like, it usually has real life struggles. Excluding Damien Darhk. And Malcolm Merlyn. And The Atom. And Mirakuru. When filming the show, you have to make sure that action scenes are well directed. The directors have to convey the scene to the audience in a specific way without over doing it. This is where Arrow is almost always perfect. It almost always does it right. When we need an upsetting scene, the colours are warmer, but when we need a uplifting scene, the colours are more colder. The Flash, the lighter show of the two, sort of has to keep it's effects, as generally, superheroes with superpowers, appear more to the younger demographic, which The Flash does. As I said before, there is a lot of CGI Involved, and this is needed to keep the show's essence as a more lighter companion to Arrow. The Flash, really is a mix of Smallville and brings the new creativity of Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Geoff Johns to bring together an extremely entertaining show with some small soap opera elements, that rivals most the crap that is on TV right now and doesn't go overboard. So... Again I don't really know what show to favour. I think that in all fairness, they are both pretty perfect in their fields when it comes to their production, and yes I did copy this from the paragraph above. WINNER: A TIE: 9.5 Me watching Season 4 of Arrow and Season 2 of The Flash, did have an input to me choosing one of these, but I think that it really is up to your taste; I personally like both. OVERALL WINNER: ARROW WITH 19/20 AND THE FLASH IS NOT BEHIND WITH 18/20. DON'T FRET, THE FLASH WILL BE BACK TO DECIDE THE 2ND 3RD AND 4TH POSITIONS!!! P.S. AS THE HOLIDAYS ARE APPROACHING, I WON'T HAVE SCHOOL TO GO TO AND WILL BE ABLE TO WRITE MUCH MORE.  SEE SOME LONG OVERDUE: CLASSIC DW REVIEWS COTPAB(CLASSIC'S OF THE PAST AND BEYOND, POSTS) MORE RETROSPECTIVES: IN THE W/C 14TH ROUND 1 CONTINUES WITH GOTHAM V. SUPERGIRL

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