Legion Chapter 25

Legion Chapter 25

July 30, 2019 0 By Dr.Strange

This episode was a stand-alone type episode about sid in the astral plane. It’s one of my least favourites because of the lack of action but then again they had this type of episode last season too.

Sid lives up until her teenage years of another life in the astral plane as Melanie and Oliver are there raising her. In the end, we see them revealed as they were the last time we saw them sending sid back to “save the world”.

Oliver and Melanie in a straw house in the astral plane with sid

It’s interesting how they displayed the astral plane as being in a plant pot facing a city. And we got the animation of how them being in the astral plane is like being in a particle like object.

Astral plane

I found the rap battle interesting between Oliver and the wolf, another creative way to show fighting like last season with the dance battle.

The ending was intriguing as sid comes back from her braindead state back into reality as her mind comes back to her body. I thought David kidnapped Sid’s mind to travel with him but instead, he sent her to the astral plane or at least thought he destroyed her mind, and as a consquence, her mind went to the astral plane.

Kary then allows them all to travel through an open doorway to the hallway of time using the technology he made to enable David to do this too. I don’t like the odds for David as with only two episodes left I think things are looking bad for him. I don’t think he will succeed in what he wants to do and that sid will kill him. With male Kary in the wheelchair like he was it’s looking like they have to win at this point, but I hope they don’t! I hope for a happy ending but I think it’ll be bittersweet sort of like Game of Thrones.