Legion Chapter 20

Legion Chapter 20

June 26, 2019 1 By Dr.Strange

Legion season 3 has hit and is good as expected.

In this episode we are introduced to a new character, switch. Who can travel backwards and forwards in time.

I like how she can also slow down and speed up time. The scene where she goes back in time to listen to the radio message is good. The hallway she goes to when she travels through time is an interesting take. There are doors that signify the amount of time to travel back to. Which is what we have seen so far.

I can’t believe that the first time over his arms for cut off. And he got shot dead by sid. She gave no sentiment and didn’t hesitate. I feel sorry for David and just like the reverse flash I want to presumed “bad guy” to “win”. I want him to succeed and have a happy ending, especially as this is, unfortunately, the final season.

David being captured first time over

This makes me remember that despite his power he is only human. I was surprised that he needed the time traveler. I would have thought he had the power to time travel. But this is good actually as it shows he is not a “god”.

Nevertheless I like the scenes where he uses his powers. All that power is exciting. I really want David to meet his father (Xavier) and for them to team up.