Game Of Thrones S07 E04 ‘The Spoils Of War’

Game Of Thrones S07 E04 ‘The Spoils Of War’

August 19, 2017 0 By Bilal Akram

Jamie Lannister charges valiantly towards Danaerys as Drogon turns his head and readies yet another epic fire breathing attack. Who survives? Is Jaime dead? 

Danaerys asks Jon to give her advice on whether or not to join the battle at Casterly Rock. The iconic Dothraki horse hooves pounding on the ground beyond the horizon signalled the impending doom for the Lannister army with Jaime at its forefront. As the wild charge and war cries of the Dothraki blood riders echoed in the air, it was inevitable that slaughter would follow. 

In a magnificent, iconic scene of pure dramatic genius, the character of Daenerys appears from across the horizon mounted upon her immensely powerful, indomitable dragon, Drogon. 

Believing the Dothraki were enough to destroy the Lannisters, the audience were taken by surprise as Danaerys and her prized dragon Drogon soared dominatingly across the clear skies of Westeros. ‘Fire and Blood’, the words on the Targaryen sigil sprung to mind as Drogon was ordered to burn the Lannister home land to ash along with its outmaneuvered soldiers whose flesh melted and burnt. 

Arya finally reaches Winterfell and meets with Sansa and Bran who rendezvous at the Godswood where Bran, who was recently gifted by Littlefinger with the Valyrian steel dagger from season 1, passes the weapon on to Arya – rather odd given the dagger was meant to kill Bran when he was an innocent kid. This reunion has alluded the trio for seasons with fans desperate for them to meet once again – this scene serves as a nostalgic, emotional moment in the episode and signifies the reinforcement and power of the newly reunited Stark House. With Arya the faceless assassin vastly different from her season 1 self when Sansa and Bran last saw her, it was a game-changing moment when these three siblings are reunited with one another despite their clear differences in ideology and lifestyle.

Minutes before the brutal battle at Casterly Rock, Jaime sees off carts of gold taken as spoils of war from the Tyrell’s Highgarden capital. With the carts safe passage to Kingslanding narrowly assured the brutal battle begun. Following the poisoning of the witty and wonderful Olenna Tyrell, the supplies and wealth at Highgarden accumulated by House Tyrell have been taken by the economically struggling Lannisters who are in debt to the legendary Iron Bank of Braavos.

Bronn, the cunning cutthroat sellsword, ran heroically towards the anti-dragon defence unit and shot an arrow straight at Drogon who became disoriented and momentarily hurt. After this scene, Jaime was seen charging towards Danaerys and the majestic Drogon with Tyrion praying Jaime to stop. The episode then concludes with Jaime pushed into the water and slowly sinking into its depths. This cinematic climax was possibly the greatest dramatic sequence of all television history. The show has definitely upped the stakes this season with the threat of the approaching White Walkers imminent. The action-packed episodes are fantastically entertaining and pleasurable for all Game of Thrones fans.

I would rate this episode a solid…