Doctor Who: 902 “The Witch’s Familiar” Review

Doctor Who: 902 “The Witch’s Familiar” Review

September 27, 2015 0 By I.Hussain

Series 9 Continues in this rather peculiar episode…

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Sort of Picking off from the last episode, the Doctor is trapped on Skaro and Missy and Clara seem to be playing some kind of odd version of blind man’s bluff-on Skaro. Perhaps the Time-Lords played it in the old days.

The Script was decent-not one of Moffat’s best, but certainly better than the previous episode. This episode had frequent laughs and Moffat humour as well as some of the regular Moffat emotions on the side. It was no doubt a Doctor Who episode albeit pretty predictable. The amount of times Clara, Missy or the Doctor should have died is not countable But I just thought that Moffat, loves Genesis so much, that he decided to recreate it with a different Doctor, companion and another Master which hadn’t appeared in the story in the first place.  But you get the idea. Davros deciding to ‘upgrade’ instead of going back in the past and seeing him ‘create’ the Daleks is only a minor variation. He still has absolute power and tries to wreck havoc and ‘destroy the Doctor!!! EXTERMINATE!!! EXTERMINATE!!!’ (cue Classic 70’s end theme). You should get my point any one who has watched Genesis of The Dalek’s. If you haven’t shame on you! Just push your sofa forward and get ready for the scares-by the way, I am not talking about Jaws, which was also a masterpiece.

But the bloody Pacing! It was so slow sometimes and other times too fast. It builds up slowly and slowly. Then when you find out Davros has deceived the Doctor the whole time, you are happy, but that fire gets extinguished by the Doctor knowing the whole time:

Davros:”I adore you Doctor.”
The Doctor: “Oh Thanks Davros.”
Davros: “I’ve stolen your regeneration energy.”
The Doctor: “Ahhhh! Oh Crap… I knew that.”
Davros: “Oh My God Davros!!!”

I would call Moffat up to complain, but I’m afraid he’s gonna call a Dalek on me. So we’re just going to let that slide…

Now onto the acting. Although I would have liked some Kaled’s and more Dalek action (onto that later), the acting was great. A great performance from Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez, though Clara just annoys me so much! But Jenna Coleman’s performance was pretty good. However, I think that at this point everyone, even Moffat knows that it’s time to give Clara the boot from the TARDIS. The performances from Nicholas Briggs, Nicholas Pegg and Barnaby Edwards were phenomenal as always.  Have I forgotten anything. Oh yes. Daleks! Even though the Daleks were in the episode 95% of the time, I would have liked some more special weapon Dalek action here and there. They were in the previous episode for like 2 seconds an for both episodes had a total of 1 minute of screen time. It was probably an inflatable or something…

Overall Rating: Ready for this: 8/10 enough with the humour. This episode was average, had a good script, had great acting but was let down by the uneven pacing/being unpredictable sometimes.

+Doctor/Davros Banter.

+Clara as a Dalek-where have we seen that before???

+Moffat humour.

+Classic homages