Designated Survivor S02E01: “One Year In” Review

Designated Survivor S02E01: “One Year In” Review

September 29, 2017 0 By I.Hussain


So the return of the award winning political drama. And boy was it gripping. It feels as though Designated Survivor takes real events and references them on TV, in a way that isn’t insensitive but also gives way for some quality television that feels rather immersive and lifelike. Honestly, this is one of the best series on television.

B Plots.
One thing that shows often fail is the b plots. I know that screen time should be mostly devoted to the build up of the actual story. Designated Survivor does it in a way that allows it to weave itself into the episode, that makes it feel more lifelike; you want to be there. It makes the otherwise incredibly unlikely storylines seem real, with relationship, or work related stress affecting the way people work…

… Of course, not everything was rosy as we make it out to be. There were many, many incidences of the show clearly being, well, a TV show. The typical clichéd, open document and curse it, is inevitable in a drama like this, and in some ways brings the viewer back to reality and realize that it is just a tv show and not feel as immersed and they should be.

One shouldn’t focus on the negatives. Most of the episode was almost silver screen quality television; better than quite a lot of things on TV.

Like seriously, how is eastenders still on TV, like I mean, seriously…..

Natasha McElhone deserved some more screen time, rather than being the typical comfort wife. We can’t give the writers a hard time though, it was a mesmerizing hour of television. It really makes me feel more interested in politics and it does a really good job of showing all the nooks and crannies of politics. One particular, likely yet very hilarious part of the episode is the total ignorance of a white house guest, while eventually acknowledging him, at the end of the day…..
All in all, an entertaining hour of television.