Death note is an amazing anime to watch. The main character Light Yagami finds a book, called the death note, which has been "dropped" into the human world by Ryuk, the shinigami, from the shinigami realm. When Light finds this book he is discovers that he can kill people, by writing their names with an image of their face in their mind, and that person will die, either of a cause, if specified, or if not specified, a heart attack, 40 seconds after writing their name on the death note. Light is determined to "help", the world in his opinion, by killing criminals to create a new world without crime, and where he is the "god". light is given the name "Kira" online which means killer.

L, is a character who is determined to stop Kira. Him and light are both very intelligent and have excellent deductive skills. However i have to say, with some frustration, Light always seems to be one step ahead of L, finding out Kira's identity. And unfortunately L dies by the hand of Light, a truly sad and frustrating scene, to see Light get away with murder and no one suspecting him.