What an opening reign to her societal and British isle dome fandom career Did not finish episode she draws upon the pure essence of British women with creepy sci-of dramatics she is an absolute Madonna she draws draws upon the acting styles of TENNANT AND SMOTH TO PRODUCE HER BERY OWN DOCTOR WOTH THE CHEESIEST […]

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Oh, all mere life I have been a freeeshhheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The Wolf             The Wolf Hunting with my pack Sprinting at night, Looking for a snack Invoking fright, We search without inhibition And pounce with intuition. The vulnerable, tender prey who are hidden and lurking Are eaten by our brethren who when we see them start smirking.

Ah, Alevels, the time of having no life. It is funny though, how you work throughout the day and really don’t give a damn about a damn. Here I am at 10:19pm writing a review that is about 2-3 weeks late. Anyhoo, let’s begin.   The Good Doctor is constantly on good form and always […]

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