Better Call Saul Season 4 Finale Review

This scene is jarred by the abrupt scene involving Mike. A scene mimicking the intensity of Breaking Bad’s S4 finale showdown between Walt and Gus. I’m Jimmy is then confronted by Chuck’s gravestone where he is greeted by Chuck’s old acquaintances who is pay homage. Jimmy then sorrowfully releases his emotional turmoil and returns to Kim for a caffeinated relief induced. A heart-wrenching start to the episode ‘Winner’ which is epitomized by Chuck and Jimmy’s beautiful brotherly bond. As they karaoke a night sing The Winner Takes It All, they are utterly at their closest. A very somber scene given the nature of Jimmy currently without Chuck in his life. The episode continues as a memorial event for a library dedicated to Chucks legacy is created and opened by an anonymous donor. This is revealed a Jimmy later in the episode as fellow lawyers are rather shocked at the notion that ‘the brother’ had paid for such an event and library. A high octane chase then rivers audiences as Mike and Gus’s aquaintence is given a wild goose chase by a stellar and determined Mike who send the South American wild as they search for the ill gotten Ziegler who manufactured the meth lab and made a run for it following the build. Mike finds the builder and confronts him as a phone call from Mike’s chaser is received as a threatening but light-hearted message. Mike when at a hilltop with Ziegler at Gus’s orders shockingly shoots him in the back as he gazed among the stars for a rather abrupt scene. Jimmy is confronted by the bar in an attempt to get his law license back as he begins to read an emotional letter from Chuck a year on from his demise. Jimmy begins to read the letter but halts as he sees the matter as personal. Therefore he goes off on a tangent by saying how he is not worthy of the name McGill. In response the panel reinstate his law license. Kim is left perplexed as Jimmy says his words about Chuck were purely false and meaningless and said for his law licence to be reapproved. In a beautiful end to a magnificent episode Jimmy intends to change his name when saying to Kim ‘it’s all good man’ as his notorious name ‘Saul Goodman’ in Breaking Bad suggests. I would rate this episode a 10/10.