Better Call Saul S03 E10: ‘Lantern’ Overview

Better Call Saul S03 E10: ‘Lantern’ Overview

July 27, 2017 0 By Bilal Akram

Season 3 concludes in a spectacular finale with enormous resonance towards future episodes and seasons to come.

Starting with a flashback to Chuck reading The Adventures of Mabel to Jimmy in a tent, the camera shifts its focus to the lantern, zooming in on its luminosity and amplifying the sound of burning. This scene, before the starting credits, adds a foreshadowing tone to the episode indicating the unfortunate demise of Chuck.

As Chuck is payed $3,000,000 from Howard to leave the firm, his world and his purpose in life is shattered, resulting in the backtracking of the initial recovery from his illness and his downfall into the depths of depression. Such adverse effects from his removal from HHM left Chuck distraught and mentally ill once more, a lantern his only source of light. This object fell upon the pile of paperwork scattered on the floor and set the home alight with Chuck a victim for a poignant ending to such a character and to season three of the show.

After tactically breaking down Irene and her relationship with her friends Jimmy revisits Irene to agree the settlement terms. His morally challenged side edges towards greed to grasp the settlement gains. In a comedic scene when Jimmy does the chair yoga session with a live microphone, an old face from season two resurfaces concerning the Sandpiper and Crossing case urging the settlement to be remade. Jimmy replies by revealing his motives of becoming rich but speaks unsuspectingly into the live microphone. This leaves his elderly customers and career in elder law in tatters as his reputation is smeared in dirt.

Recovering from the car accident, Kim has Jimmy for support with such an incident forcing Kim to rethink her lifestyle as a lawyer. The cocktail of stress, fatigue and being overwork finally exploded as Kim crashed her car and lost most of her paperwork.

Shocked by Chucks seemingly recovered state of mind, Jimmy visits his brother who has electricity flowing through his home. Chuck appears hostile and clears the air with Jimmy by telling him that he had never mattered to him that much. Post-confrontation, the electricity is cut at Chucks leaving him unsettled and sparks the beginning of the end for Chuck. With the electricians only  available from Wednesday, Chuck improvises to no immediate avail and trawls haplessly to fix the power shortage. Cancelling his doctor appointment indicated a clear shift in the characters mindset as he slows the mental illness to set once more within his psyche. The music during this sequence is especially interesting as it is rather somber and symbolic of the end of life due to such low tones adding a hopelessness the efforts of Chuck. As Chuck randomly hacks away at his house to find the imaginary power source drawing the power from his home, the music becomes more intense and louder as the inner conflict from Chuck explodes into madness.

As Nacho introduces Hector to his fathers buisness tensions rise and threats surface. The following scenes of Nacho as he attempts to shoot Hector are particularly effective with the attempt folding as other characters arrive at the scene. As Gus arrives at the scene and proposes the collaboration of Don Eladio, Hector and co. Hector is outraged and becomes enveloped in a cardiac arrest as a result. Such a reaction is a large pointer to Hectors state in the shows father series Breaking Bad, as his cardiac problems may result in the paralysis we see in the show.